Zeus NOSH WOOD Chew Bone - Large - 18.5 cm (7.5 in)

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Combining nylon with wood fibre, the NOSH WOOD Chew Bone satisfies a dog's natural chewing instinct while providing a splinter-free alternative to natural sticks. The tough, durable nylon provides long-lasting enjoyment, keeping your dog engaged and challenged with the added benefits of exercising jaw muscles and helping maintain oral hygiene. Available in a natural wood flavor dogs love.

Key Features :

  • For all life-stages and chewing styles.
  • Combines nylon and wood fibre for a splinter-free alternative to sticks
  • Satisfies natural chewing instinct
  • Helps prevent boredom and destructive chewing
  • Safe and durable
  • Long-lasting enjoyment
  • Natural wood flavor
  • Available in Small, Medium and Large

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