Sphynx (Local Bred)

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Sphynx Cats are a breed of medium size hairless cat with lean narrow bodies and oversized ears. Easy to distinguish from other breeds of cats due to their distinct lack of fur, the Sphynx instead gets its character from their pronounced wrinkles that make them a unique, wise, and mysterious presence. Known for being one of the more ‘dog-like’ cat breeds, Sphynx cats have extroverted and affectionate personalities that reveal a high degree of intelligence, curiosity, and playfulness. Highly pedigreed. Purebred. Between 7-11 weeks of age. Locally bred from Imported Cats HypoAllergenic Fed Canadas Number 1 Quality Food These kittens come with Breeding Rights. These kittens are sold without any Micorship (No unique identity), Deworming and vaccination. As it's difficult to prove without any unique number. Customer's are advised to get the first vaccination done on their own within 2-3 weeks of purchase. And follow as per Vet's advise.