ReptiBreeze Chameleon Kit

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ReptiBreeze Chameleon Kit

The Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Chameleon Kit is designed to promote the successful keeping of a small to medium sized chameleon. A perfect starter kit for new chameleon owners, this convenient bundle includes nearly everything you need to create a comfortable and inviting chameleon crib! It is ideal for all Old World Chameleons including Veiled Chameleons, Panther Chameleons, Jackson Chameleons, Parson's Chameleons, and others!

The Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Chameleon Kit includes:

  • ReptiBreeze (Medium) - This open air screen cage includes a large front door for easy cage access, and bottom door for easy substrate cleaning/removal. Features corrosion-resistant black anodized aluminum frame for durability. All hardware included. Easy to assemble using only a screwdriver.
  • Flexible Hanging Vine - Part of Zoo Med's "Naturalistic Flora" series, this ultra-realistic decoration makes a great addition to any naturalistic terrarium. It also serves as a functional climbing surface for your curious chameleons!
  • Natural Bush Plant - Congy Ivy (Medium - 18") - Bring the jungle home and help recreate your chameleon's natural habitat with this realistic plant replica. Provides stress-reducing hiding spots.
  • Tropical UVB & Heat Lighting Kit - This convenient bundle includes a Mini Combo Deep Dome Lamp Fixture, ReptiSun 5.0 UVB Compact Fluorescent Lamp (13 W), and a Daylight Blue Reptile Bulb (60 W) to satisfy the heat, UVB, and UVA needs of your pet chameleons.
  • Digital Thermometer - This versatile wet/dry thermometer will help you ensure that your chameleon habitat is maintained at a suitable temperature. The digital display can be switched to show either Celsius or Fahrenheit, and the 29" temperature probe ensures pinpoint accuracy. Includes battery and suction cups.
  • Eco Carpet - 5 gal (8" x 16") - 2 pk - Soft, non-abrasive, and absorbent substrate for all types of reptiles. A better alternative to non-absorbent astro-turf style carpets that are made from plastic fibers. Safer than traditional substrates as it cannot be accidentally ingested.
  • ReptiSafe Water Conditioner (Sample) - Instantly removes chlorine and chloramines while effectively neutralizing toxic ammonia. Provides essential ions and electrolytes needed for reptile health and well-being.
  • Repti Calcium without D3 (Sample) - Ultra-fine precipitated calcium carbonate supplement for reptiles and amphibians. Has a unique shape/high surface area per gram resulting in increased calcium bioavailability. Free of phosphorus and harmful impurities.
  • ReptiVite with D3 (Sample) - A complete vitamin, mineral, and amino acid complex specifically formulated for reptiles. ReptiVite is calcium based to promote healthy bone growth with the correct 2:1 calcium to phosphorus ratio. Does not contain artificial additives or fillers like soy, yeast, or sucrose.
16" x 16" x 30"