Nutrafin basix Cichlid Food, large flakes, 170 g (6 oz)

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Cichlids are extremely diverse in terms of size, colour, behavior, preferred water conditions, and feeding habits. Most cichlids demonstrate hearty appetites and will usually accept a wide variety of foods. Nutrafin basix Cichlid Food - Large Flakes are an excellent way of supplying most cichlids with their core nutritional requirements.

Nutrafin basix Cichlid Food - Large Flakes offer an extremely palatable formulation containing quality ingredients such as krill and plankton. This quality staple food is easily digested and fortified with essential vitamins for a healthy immune system.

As a general rule, aquarium fish should be fed a varied diet containing freeze dried foods like Nutrafin basix Mysis shrimp, Nutrafin basix Tubifex Worms and Nutrafin basix Blood Worms. Bottom-feeding species should be fed Nutrafin basix Staple Food Tablets. Format: quart, 170 g (6 oz).

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