Living World Soft 'N Comfy Small Animal Paper Bedding - White - 36 L (2200 cu in)

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Pamper your small pet with Living World Soft ‘n Comfy bedding. This ultra-soft, highly absorbent, environmentally friendly bedding made from food-grade by-product paper encourages your small pet’s natural burrowing and nesting instincts while providing them with a safe, cozy and inviting bedding experience. 

Key Features:

  • 99.9% Dust Free: Our bedding is 99.9% dust free and does not contain any phenols or scented oils. Great news for small pets prone to respiratory problems.
  • Safe & Natural: Environmentally friendly; produced using only virgin, food-grade by-product paper.
  • Exceptional 14-Day Odor Control: Helps keep your pet’s home fresh and smelling clean.
  • Super Absorbent: Hundreds of small paper particles work like tiny sponges to absorb up to 6 times their weight in liquid to help keep your pet dry and comfortable.
  • Soft & Inviting: Our ultra-soft paper bedding encourages your pet’s natural burrowing and nesting instincts.
  • Available in 2 sizes: 36 L and 56 L bags
  • Suitable for hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas, ferrets, degus, reptiles, birds (including nestlings), and other types of burrowing or nesting animals.

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Add a liberal amount of Living World Soft ’N Comfy bedding to cage or pen (approx. 1-3 inches / 2.5 to 7.5 cm). Replace as required; never allow a pet to live in wet bedding.


To maintain a healthy environment for your pet, it is recommended to remove and replace all bedding and clean entire habitat weekly. Wash enclosure with a mild soap solution, rinse thoroughly with clean water to ensure removal of soap residue and dry completely. Frequency of cage cleaning depends on the size of your pet’s home and number of animals. Always wear gloves and wash hands thoroughly after handling soiled bedding. Please dispose of soiled bedding in proper manner.


If used for baby birds, supervise birds to ensure bedding is not accidently consumed.