Living World Corn Cob Bedding - 3.63 kg-8 lb (500 cu in)

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Weight: 3.63 kg

Living World Corn Cob Bedding is 100% natural , compostable and highly absorbent bedding material for small animals. The bedding is designed to soak up liquid from the bottom of your small pet's cage or pen so the bedding surface remains dry, ensuring a stable environment at all times.

Living World Corn Cob Bedding's pellets trap and absorb odors, keeping the entire area fresh and clean-smelling for a longer period. It is virtually dust-free and will not inflame sensitive breathing and sensing organs.

Living World Corn Cob Bedding is also suitable for birds and reptiles.

Key Features :

  • 100% natural and compostable
  • Provides a safe, dry, fresh smelling bedding
  • Dust free, highly absorbent
  • Made in Canada

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