Green Singer

Green Singer
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Grey head with two bright yellow streaks: one above the eyes (“eyebrow streak”) and one below the eyes. Bright yellow plumage covers the entire underside of the bird, extending from the chin down to the undertail. The rump is also yellow. The top of the neck, back, and wings are a greenish grey with yellow margins to the otherwise blackish wing and tail feathers. Juveniles have a pale yellow face and breast with dull greenish-yellow rump and spots/streaks on the sides of the breast.

Very attractive, chipper little songbirds, These birds are hardy and active, and the male’s song is a real pleasure to hear. Males sing their melodious, cheerful song throughout the day during the breeding season.

Highly Pedigreed

In-house Bred in Free Flight Aviary

Raised only on Hari Approved Products

Kept in UVA, UVB and Infrared Nocturnal Lighting


UVB enables birds to produce vitamin D, also known as the “sunshine vitamin,” which is essential for calcium metabolism and immune function. UVC is normally filtered out by the earth's ozone layer and does not exist on the planet naturally.

UVB plays a very important role. It allows your bird to synthesise Vitamin D3 in their skin or through a special process involving the preening gland. Parrots need Vitamin D3 to metabolise calcium which they use to produce eggs, build and maintain strong bones and maintain normal growth.

Keeping your bird under right amount of UVB needs some consultation with a Certified Professional.

Despite other benefits from UVB, it helps processing the calcuim in captivity and help improving the birds vision.