Fluval Vista Aquarium Kit - 32 L (8.5 US gal.)

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Weight: 11.33 kg

With its unobstructed panoramic design, easy-feeding door, energy-efficient Soft Start lighting and AquaClear filter, the Fluval Vista aquarium is the ideal choice for hobbyists looking for great aesthetics as well as simple maintenance. Recommended for Freshwater only. Key Features : Glass Aquarium with Panoramic Seamless DesignEnergy-efficient (700 lm, 8000 K) Soft Start LED lamp-mimics the sun naturally by coming on slowly to avoid startling fish.Aquaclear 20 Power Filter with filter mediaFish NetFluval Care GuideLCD ThermometerFluval tropical Fish Food (20 g)Fluval Water Conditioner (30 ml)Fluval Biological Enhancer (2 x 30 ml) Other sizes available : 15245 Fluval Vista Aquarium Kit - 60L (16 US. gal)15248 Fluval Vista Aquarium Kit - 87 L (23 US. gal)