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The Balinese have an angular head and piercing blue eyes with a body that looks soft and silky displaying their stunning longer coat. Balinese are curious, outgoing, intelligent cats with excellent communication skills. They are known for their chatty personalities and are always eager to tell you their views on life, love, and what you’ve served them for dinner. They often keep up a running monologue; they are not for those who think cats should be seen and not heard.   Fed Canadas #1 Cat Food Hypoallergenic Come with Breeding Rights. These Kittens are 100% indoor and are not exposed to outdoor environment. Kittens will only be re-homed once they are 100% independent and completely weaned off the mother's milk. Aproximate re-homing age 8-11 weeks. These kittens are sold without any Micorship (No unique identity), Deworming and vaccination. As it’s difficult to prove without any unique number. Customer’s are advised to get the first vaccination done on their own within 2-3 weeks of purchase. And follow as per Vet’s advise.

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