Frog Amazon Milk Tree (Phyrynohyas resinifictrix)

Frog Amazon Milk Tree
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Also known as the Amazonian milk frog or panda bear tree frog due to the contrasting black and white coloration of juveniles, is an enjoyable frog to keep. Adult male milk frogs can reach 2.5 inches in length. Females are larger and can grow to 4 inches. They are large-bodied tree frogs, with big hands for climbing, large toe-pads, and an overall rotund appearance. Captive milk frogs have been known to live for 8 years or more. Providing a varied diet and optimal environmental conditions such as UVB lighting and the right temperatures will contribute to a long-lived captive frog. Milk frogs are nocturnal animals and generally remain asleep during the day. They often will hide inside hollow cork bark tubes or other similar structures in captivity until night. At night they become active and this is the best time to observe them. Many milk frogs will also waken during the day after the terrarium is misted with water or if they are being fed.