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Albino Clawed Frog
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African clawed frogs get their name from the three claws on their hind feet, which are used to tear apart food. These aquatic frogs have become popular pets in large part because they’re easy to care for and live a long time. African clawed frogs are sometimes confused with dwarf clawed frogs. However, the African clawed frog has eyes on the top of its head while the dwarf frog’s eyes are on the sides of its head. Moreover, African clawed frogs have flat snouts while dwarf frogs have pointed snouts. And African clawed frogs have webbed back feet and digits on their front feet (similar to hands) while dwarf frogs have four webbed feet. African clawed frogs can be fun pets to watch, but they’re not meant for handling. As aquatic frogs, their skin dries out quickly when they’re out of water.