Vision Infrared Basking Light 25 W

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The Vision Infrared Basking Light emits infrared heat waves and is an excellent heat source for smaller cages, like the Vision home for birds. While you might find your home’s ambient room temperature comfortable, for many tropical birds, it’s freezing! This can affect your bird’s health and sleeping patterns. Different bird species adapt to different climates, so their cage temperatures need to be set at varying ranges. The Infrared Basking Light has a built-in reflector that can be directed on a specific area of the cage to create a basking site and temperature gradients. The gentle infrared warmth, produced by the special filament of this bulb, penetrates deep into the feathers, skin, muscles, nerves and bones. When used as a heat source, the reddish light will not disrupt your bird’s sleeping patterns as they do not emit UV light. The Infrared Basking Light can also be used for sick or weaker birds. When a bird is ill, their temperature drops and they start to feel cold and may puff up their feathers. If you notice that your bird is sick and feels cold, you can offer heat therapy. If you think your bird is sick, always consult your avian vet. The small size of this Infrared Basking Light is perfect for use with the Vision Cage Lamp #83800, a fixture specifically designed for use on Vision cages. Simulate natural day & night light cycles with the full range of Vision bulbs and the use of a timer. To prevent health/behavior issues from insufficient sleep, a minimum of 10-12 hours of dark uninterrupted sleep is required Key Features :
  • Increases the overall air temperature in your bird's cage
  • Provides infrared heat, essential for activity and digestion
  • Low light - will not disrupt sleep cycle
  • Use after bathing or misting to encourage feather preening
  • Supplies extra heat for sick or weaker birds
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