Submersible Pond Thermometer

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Weight: 0.091 kg

UPC 742575740003
Product Length 5
Product Width 9
Product Height 1
Package Length 5
Package Width 9
Package Height 1
Gross Weight (lbs) 0.2

The Aquascape Submersible Pond Thermometer is ideal for monitoring pond temperature throughout the year to help adjust fish feeding and water treatment applications. The Submersible Pond Thermometer is a great tool that is able to assess water temperatures between -20°F and 120°F (-28°C and 48°C). The included nylon string allows the thermometer to be anchored to an easily accessible location.

  • Ideal for monitoring pond water temperature
  • Allows for proper adjustment of water treatments
  • Allows for proper adjustment of fish feeding
  • Measures between -20°F and 120°F (-28°C and 48°C)
  • Includes nylon anchor string