Rainbow Whiptail Lizard

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Rainbow Whiptail Lizards are a stunning species originating from Central and South America. Hatchling Rainbow Whiptail Lizards have nine white long stripes that run into bluish-brown regions of their body. These stripes are not always equal to each other and some stand out more than others. As juveniles both males and females develop spotted markings along their hind legs, however, the males lose their spots once they mature and the females spots remain. Once fully mature the males show outstanding vibrant colours along their body, this is what has given them their name of ‘Rainbow’ Lizards. Upon comparison the female’s colouration tends to be drabber and duller looking.

Rainbow Whiptail Lizards will eat a variety of live food including crickets, locusts, roaches and mealworms. Food should be dusted with calcium powder three-four times a week and a vitamin supplement should be added at least once or twice a week.