Pacman Frog Food - 2 oz

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Pacman Frog Food - 2 oz

Zoo Med Pacman Frog Food is specially formulated to satisfy the nutritional requirements of all South American Horned Frogs as well as other large frog species (e.g. Pacman Frogs, Fantasy Frogs, Pixie Frogs, etc.). Great for both juvenile and adult frogs, this complete and balanced diet makes a great replacement for live food items such as insects and rodents thanks to its 48% protein content.

Zoo Med's Pacman Frog Food comes in an easy-to-use powdered form. Mixed with water, it takes on a dough-like consistency that can be shaped into bite-sized morsels. You can then use Zoo Med feeding tongs (sold separately) to deliver this tasty and nutritious food. Watch your frog in action as they strike at the food as if it were live prey! Includes a convenient measuring and mixing scoop. Proudly made in the U.S.A.