Living World Small Pals Pen - Large - 8.75 L (2.25 US gal)

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Weight: 0.8 kg

Living World Small Pals Pens combine durability, security, versatility, and ease of transport to create the perfect oasis for your pet. Suitable for small animals, fish and reptiles, Small Pals Pens can function as a pet carrier, aquarium, terrarium, small animal pen, or as a nursery.
The unique lightweight design includes a solid moulded structure, a secure snap-locking lid, complete ventilation, and a hole incorporated in the lid for air tubing. Breakaway hinges, a removable lid, and rounded edges enable easy cleaning.
The Small Pals Pen can also incorporate a matching light unit (sold separately) to suit the needs of your pet. Available in a variety of sizes and colours. Large, 8.75 L (2.25 U.S. gal.).

Other sizes available :

61900 Living World Small Pals Pen, Small, 1.84 L (0.05 U.S. gal.)
61905 Living World Small Pals Pen, Medium, 4.44 L (1.17 U.S. gal.)
61915 Living World Small Pals Pen, Extra Large, 12.57 L (3.3 U.S. gal.)
61920 Living World Small Pals Pen, Super Large, 17.04 L (4.5 U.S. gal.),