Living World Pine Shavings - 20 L - (1200 cu in)

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Weight: 1.36 kg

  The Living World Pine Shavings provide excellent all-purpose bedding with great absorption properties for small animals. Made from 100% natural pine, the naturally-scented shavings keep the cage smelling clean and fresh longer by suppressing and inhibiting the growth of mold, fungus and bacteria. The shavings are Kiln Dried, which helps eliminate aromatic oils, dust and wood debris, a major concern among many pet owners. The shavings do not release dust when poured out of the bag and will not cause respiratory problems for you or your small pets. The soft and fluffy shavings can also be used as burrowing and nesting material. Size : 20 L (1200 cubic inches) Other sizes available :
  •  61225 Living World Pine Shavings, 10 L (600 cubic inches)
  •  61227 Living World Pine Shavings, 41 L (2500 cubic inches)
  •  61229 Living World Pine Shavings, 113 L (4 cubic feet)
  •  61235 Living World Pine Shavings, 226 L (8 cubic feet)