Green Keel Bellied Lizard

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The green keel-bellied lizard is a slim, bright green lizard with a long prehensile tail that accounts for about 70% of its body length. The scales on its back are small, smooth and non-overlapping, and emerald-green in colour. The scales on its underside are yellow-green and keeled. There are patches of turquoise around its limbs, and occasionally black speckled lines along the sides of its body and black speckles on its tail. Its tongue is bright red. It can grow up to a length of 40cm, with average individuals measuring 25-35cm. Juveniles are 11-12cm long. Its digits are long and spindly, with a hooked claw at the end. This species is active during the day and arboreal. Its diet predominantly consists of insects, but it has been known to eat smaller lizards in captivity.