Giant Green Ameiva

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Ameiva has a streamlined body, pointed head, slightly forked tongue, and muscular hind legs. They grow to approximately 45–50 cm (18–20 in). Both sexes have random black specs and mottling along the sides. Females usually have much less green than males and a more dusty of a green colour. Males have vibrant green coloration and more bold mottling. Males also have more expanded jowels. Green ameivas are popular as a pet because of the male’s striking green coloration. Giant ameiva live on the forest floor, often sheltering underneath logs and in leaf litter. Captive specimens have been observed making primitive tunnels spanning out from under a log or rock when given enough soil. The giant ameiva’s diet consists of mainly insects, frogs, and spiders. In captivity mealworms are a favourite of the ameiva along with crickets.