Flat Rock Lizard

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The Common Flat Lizard (Platysaurus intermedius) is a species of lizard in the Cordylidae family. The females and juveniles of all subspecies of Platysaurus intermedius have black scales, with white stripes on the back. The bellies are brown, but the outer edge of the belly is white. Adult males have different colorations for each subspecies. To us, he might look like just another lizard, but this cunning creature has learnt to use ultraviolet light to show how strong he is. Throughout the animal kingdom, males use a variety of methods to communicate dominance and sexual prowess. Vocalisation and dance are common ways in which many species display their physicality, but the Augrabies flat lizard (Platysaurus broadleyi), found in South Africa, uses something that humans simply can't see, ultraviolet light.