Toad Guangxi Firebelly (Bombina microdeladigitora)

Toad Guangxi Firebelly
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Bombina microdeladigitora is similar to B. maxima, but differentiated from the latter species by slight amount of webbing in the toes, black spines on the throat and chest being scattered in small groups, and black being the dominant color on the ventral side. Conversely, B. maxima has fully webbed toes and its ventral side is equally variegated in black and red.

Body length of an adult male B. microdeladigitora holotype was recorded at 77 mm. The head is broader than long, tympana are hidden, and the arms are relatively long and fingers short with distinct fringes at their base, forming web-like structures. The dorsal skin of the head, body, and limbs is very rough and covered in warts. The snout and lateral sides of the head, body and limbs are much smoother. Four elongated warts form an X mark on the shoulder region