Exo Terra Monsoon SOLO II - Programmable Misting System

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The Exo Terra Monsoon SOLO II is a programmable misting system suitable for all types of terrariums and greenhouses. It helps maintain optimal humidity by generating a fine mist at programmed intervals, the duration and frequency of which can be easily adjusted depending on the type of animal or plant housed. Frequent misting helps stimulate breeding behaviour, and is a necessity when housing live tropical plants such as Bromeliads, orchids, mosses, etc. The system can be programmed to mist multiple times per 24-hour cycle, with spray durations ranging from 2 seconds up to 2 minutes. The 1,5 liter (0.40 gallon) reservoir ensures continuous operation for several days without the need for refilling (ideal for vacations!), and the reservoir can be easily replenished without needing to uninstall the entire system. Key Features : ? Programmable misting unit for terrariums and greenhouses ? Easy to connect and install ? Strong 2,5 BAR / 36.25 PSI water pressure pump ? Flexible spray nozzle (up to 2) can be pointed in any direction ? Pressure resistant Polyether tubing & leak-proof connectors ? 1,5 liter (0.40 gallon) reservoir ? Easy to refill