Biewer Terrier

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he Biewer Terrier, pronounced Beaver like the little dam building animals, is a dedicated, loyal family member and a friend to all they meet. It is not uncommon to be met with a smile from this happy-go-lucky dog.  Although not a constant barker, they will alert you to the company. With a larger than life personality, their lighthearted, childlike whimsical attitude will keep you entertained for hours. In spite of their small stature, they are hearty and athletic, able to keep up with the best of them on long walks, hikes or competing in the agility ring.

Price Range is $2100-2700 depending upon the quality and color mutation

Highly pedigreed.
Between 14-16 weeks of age.
Carry International travel passport.
Vets examined

Cardio gram


Comes with all paperwork