Anubias Hastifolia

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Anubias hastifolia has leaf blades that can be up to 33 cm long and 14 cm wide and are rather variable in form, ranging from elliptic/oval to lance- or spear-shaped. The leaf stems are generally longer than the blade and up to 67 cm long. The leaves are set on a creeping and rooting rhizome that is 5 to 15 mm thick. The spathe is 2 to 4.5 cm long and has an up to 24 cm long peduncle. The spadix is 1.5 to 4 cm long and is about as long as the spathe. The upper part is covered with male flowers, of which the 4 to 6 stamens are fused into synandria, with the thecae on its sides. The lower part of the spadix is covered with female flowers that are reduced to the ovary and stigma.

The plant grows on the banks of little streams in the forest, on rocks, or in mud. It flowers throughout the year, fruiting from September till January

Anubias plants can grow in aquarium gravel, aquarium substrate, attached to rocks, driftwood, or decorations. … When planting Anubias Barteri its important to not completely bury the rhizome. Instead, make sure the rhizome is on top of the substrate so that the rhizome visible to the eye.

Anubias are normally low light plants. 12 hours is somewhat algae prone.. 8-9 hours is fine. if you have other kinds of lighting aside from incandescent lighting then you are good.