Ailments / Diseases / Common Sickness / Treatment

Ailments / Diseases / Common Sickness / Treatment
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This Page is added to create awareness and address common bird issues. Pet owners are requested to contact staff present at the desired location during regular business hours for free consultaion.

Pododermatitis in parrots, is a serious foot condition that causes pain and discomfort. Unsuitable perches, obesity, or bacterial infections can be contributing factors. To prevent this painful ailment, ensure your feathered friends have proper perches, maintain a clean living environment, conduct regular foot checks, offer a well-balanced diet and provide opportunities for exercise. 

Swift veterinary care is crucial if pododermatitis is suspected, with treatments like antibiotics and habitat adjustments. Proactive prevention and care are vital for a parrot's health and well-being. 

Let's prioritize our bird's welfare by taking proactive steps towards preventing pododermatitis.  Please spread awareness for the well-being of our feathered friends.🦜💗